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Raffle #3 is over. Raffle drawing was held September 6, 2008.
Winners list is here.

Thank you for your support!


Raffle 3, Item # 1




Premium Quality cotton exterior enhanced by soft  coordinating  fleece lining.  All Hooks Included.

* X Large Hanging 2 pocket Sleeper bed  

 *X Large Floor Sleepsack

*Round Snuggly Bed

* Hanging Fun Tunnel 

*X Large Reversible Hammock

*X Large ReversibleCage Pad/  Hammock

*Matching  "Cuddler Cube" 

* Hanging Jingle Toy 

*2 of our STUFFIES ferret toys

(* plush ferrets not included)

This beautiful bedding set was donated by Rose German of
Little Feet Ferret Retreat


Raffle 3, Item # 2



Large Purple Tulip Bed - 17" x 9"

Natural Gold Ferret Diet (3lb bag)

Marshall Critter Tent

Marshall Ferret T-Shirt (Red)

Crocheted Hammock (Purple)

Super Pet Plush Ferret

8in1 FerretVite

8in1 Skin & Coat (Tone)

Ferret Depot Red Bandana

Figure 8 Harness w/bell and Lead (Teal)

Jingle Toys

Large assortment of treats including Bacon Bandits treats, Totally Ferret treats, Ferret Bites and NBones.

The tulip bed is incredibly soft and plush! Your ferrets will love it! This bed is overflowing with food, bedding, treats and toys. Retail value of this item is approx $100.00.


Raffle 3, Item # 3



Cabana Bed with Blue Cushion

ZuPreem Ferret Diet

XL ZuPreem Ferret T-Shirt

Richard Bach Ferret Chronicles “Air Ferrets Aloft”

Crocheted Sleep Sack (Blue)

Super Pet Hammock

Super Pet Plush Ferret

8in1 FerretVite

8in1 Skin & Coat (Tone)

Marshall Ferret Shampoo

Marshall Drying Sack

Marshall US Flag Bandana

Shepherd & Greene Harness and 72” Lead

Laser Pointer

Crocheted egg toy

Jingle toys

Large assortment of treats and chews: Nbones, Totally Ferret treats and bits, Ferret Bites and Dingo Treats

The portable, collapsible canvas cabana bed has a 17" opening. Easily stores flat when not in use. The 100% Washable Micro Fiber Cushion pillow is extremely soft and comfortable. This bed is perfect for ferrets! We have packed the cabana bed full of food, bedding, treats and toys. Retail value of this item is approx $100.00.


Raffle 3, Items 4, 5 & 6


Eleanor Mead Figurines

These beautiful ferret figurines are perfect to add to your collection. They also make terrific gifts for your ferret loving friends! We are raffling these figurines as 3 separate items as detailed below.

Item 4 is the Ferret Pen Figurine

Item 5 is the Champagne Mitt Ferret stealing a sock

Item 6 is the Dark Sable Ferret Angel

These beautiful figurines were crafted and donated by Eleanor Mead (eBay seller minkey98)


Raffle 3, Item # 7



Aloha Print Canvas/Nylon Pet-A-Roo Pet Carrier

14”x14” Super Pet Hammock

Marshall Ferret Flea & Tick Shampoo

Marshall Ferret Flea & Tick Spray

Memory Chest

Golden Compass Ferret Pez Candy Dispenser

8in1 FerretVite

Totally Ferret Treats

Carrier measures 12.25"W 16"H 9.5"D. It has a drawstring top and padded bottom, vented sides and a zipper pocket for keys, leash and ferret treats. Carrier was designed to accommodate most small dogs and cats up to 20lbs. May also be used for ferrets, rabbits and other small animals.


Raffle 3, Item # 8



Ferret Medical Bag

FreeStyle Meter (FreeStyle Items Donated by Wolfy)

FreeStyle 100 Test Strips (exp. 01/09)

FreeStyle Lancets 100

Ferretonin Implant (exp. 01/09)

Lixotinic (Generic Pet-Tinic) exp. 11/09

Two 30ml Sterile Syringes (Leur slip w/ end caps)

Two 10ml Feeding Syringes (Leur slip w/end caps)

Two 5ml Feeding Syringes


Raffle 3, Item # 9



Ferret Critical Care Bag

Carnivore Care

Lixotinic (Generic Pet-Tinic) exp. 11/09

8 in 1 FerretVite

8 in 1 Skin & Coat (Ferretone) 8oz

Pro-Biotic Kitten Milk Replacer 200 grams

Four 10ml Feeding Syringes w/end caps

Four 5ml Feeding Syringes (2 short nibs / 2 long nibs)

XL ZuPreem Ferret T-Shirt folded in a Heart Shape


Raffle 3, Item # 10


Ferret Medical Pan Set

Post-OP Disposable Wonderpan

Pro-Biotic Kitten Milk Replacer 200 grams


Ferretonin Implant (exp. 01/09)

3 Ear-Loop Face Masks

3 Pairs Non-Sterile Exam Gloves

10 Pairs One Size Fits All, Gripping Shoe Covers

Four 20ml Sterile Syringes

Four 5ml Feeding Syringes

Ten 3ml Disposable Pipettes

Retail Value: $50.00 Shipping weight 2 lb 8 oz


Raffle 3, Item # 11


3pc set - Barrel and 2 hammocks donated by Rocky's

The latest and greatest in "Barrels of Fun" for ferrets is this one piece washable covering. It's unique in that it's the super jumbo size being 9" x 16". Accompanying the Barrel of Fun are two super large hammocks - one measuring 13"x26" and the other 14"x25". The "Barrel of Fun" is a Rocky's original!

Donated by Rocky's and created with love and expert craftsmanship by Linda Waite (Grama to all ferrets)


Raffle 3, Item # 12



Biscotti Anyone?? Wouldn't you like to have an order of Renee's wonderful homemade Biscotti? The winner of this raffle will choose from the following Biscotti flavors: Almond, Anise, Cherry, Chocolate, Cranberry Almond, Cranberry Pistachio and Pistachio.

Also included in this raffle is a set of White Ferret Greeting Cards. This set contains 10 cards - something for every occasion.

Biscotti donated by Renee Downs

Cards donated by White Ferret Greeting Cards


Raffle 3, Item # 13


Weasel Gothic Tshirt - adult size small


Raffle 3, Item # 14


PET GEAR Home 'N' Go Deluxe Soft Crate

21"L x 15"W x 15"H, capacity up to 15 lbs

Rounded corners protect auto and home interiors
Top storage bag holds fleece pad when not in use
Waterproof inner tray removes for easy cleaning
Top, front, and side entry doors for easy access
Name tag sleeve for clear indentification
Tough, water resistant materials
Extra strong steel frame

Take-a-long toy and treat bag
Soft pad with fleece on one side and water resistant nylon on the other
Removable inner tray
Adjustable leash


Raffle 3, Item # 15



Hydroderm Gift Set


a 2 month supply of Fast-Acting Wrinkle Reducer

a 2 month supply of Intense Oil-Free Moisturizer

Visible results in 30 days. Guaranteed. Retail value over $149.00!  Shipping weight 1lb


Raffle 3, Item # 16



New Sheer Cover 30-Day Kit

Mineral Foundation w/SPF 15 in 2 shades; Buff and Latte
Duo Concealer in 2 shades
Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 15
Conditioning Cleanser
Studio Powder Brush
Pocket Duo Kit
Studio Concealer Brush
Studio Contouring Brush
Extra Length Mascara in Black/Brown
Tips & Tricks DVD
6-day supply Bronze Lip-To-Lid Highlighter
Sheer Color Compact
Draw String Makeup Bag

Retail value $149!


Raffle 3, Item # 17


Ladies Gift Set

Four Bars Aromatherapy Soap (Do not know scent but smells nice)

Four 2ml N.V Perricone, M.D. Nutrient Face Fortifier (6ml total) Great Stuff!!

Bath Scrubby

0.5 Fluid oz Liz Claiborne “Reality” Perfume

Retail Value: $45.00  Shipping weight 1lb


Raffle 3, Item # 18


Disposable WonderBox

8in1 Soft-Moist Ferret Food

8in1 FerretVite

8in1 Skin & Coat (Tone)

Super Pet Hammock

Super Pet Plush Ferret

Super Chew Ferret Treat

Bacon Bandits Treats

Dingo Treats

2 Grilled Chicken Ferret Bites

2 Yogies

Totally Ferret Treats

Totally Ferret Rainbow Bridge Bookmark

Ferret Depot Bandana

Crocheted Egg

The disposable WonderBox litter box will come in handy for trips around town or to the Vet. We have packed this box full of food, bedding, treats and toys. Retail value of this item is approx $50.00.


Raffle 3, Item # 19


Litter Pan and Scoop (Green)

1lb bag Marshall Ferret Litter

Marshall Ferret Shampoo

8in1 FerretVite

Bacon Bandits Treats

Totally Ferret Treats

Grilled Chicken Ferret Bites

Marshall Super Chew Ferret Treat

Marshall Bell Collar (Green)

Bell Ball

XL ZuPreem Ferret T-Shirt folded in a Heart Shape

  Awesome assortment of goodies for your ferrets! Retail value of this item is approx $25.00


Raffle 3, Item # 20


Pet Memorial Stone and Box

  This Memorial Stone was donated by an anonymous donor. The memory box was painted by a church group of handicapped children.